Datura Portal - Murals at Meddle

Jason was commissioned by Dark Matter Coffee to create this series of site-specific murals for their new cafe called Meddle. Completed 2016.

Meddle Coffee Bar
601 W Jackson Blvd, Chicago, IL 60661
Open to the public. Get info >

Daily Coffee News article >

"When my friends at Dark Matter asked if I’d be interested in creating a psychedelic jungle mural that bursts through the walls of their Pink Floyd-inspired shop Meddle, I jumped at the chance! I loved opening up the space by fusing the organic visuals of their coffee’s jungle origin with a dynamic illusion of the walls opening into another realm. The hallucinogenic Datura Inoxia flowers surge with life as their alien intelligence drives them to cross the barrier into the human world, floating in on their spiky UFO seed pods to lay the groundwork for future sentient intelligence to emerge.”

- Jason Brammer